How to Play Against the ProBots

  1. Download StarCraft II and install it  (It’s free)
  2. Download the Probots Vs Human App
  3. Unzip the SC2AIapp zip into a folder
  4. Add the maps to your StarCraft 2 Folder (see below)

How to Add The Bot Maps to StarCraft 2

The Bots require certain modified maps to run. So you’ll need to make sure you have the these maps in your StarCraft Maps folder.


    1. Locate The Bot Maps: (included with the zip file)
    2. Open the Blizzard Client
    3. Select the StarCraft II Tab
    4. Click Options (looks like a cog beside Play)
    5. Locate and Navigate to your StarCraft II Install Location
    6. Open StarCraft II Folder
    7. Open the Maps Folder OR Create the folder Maps if it doesn’t already exist
    8. Place the map files into the folder

Playing the Bots


    1. Extract the SC2AIApp from the Zip File
    2. Open SC2AIApp >>> SC2AIApp
    3. Click on SC2AIApp.exe
    4. Click on the tab Play vs Bot
    5. Select Your Map
    6. Select your Opponent Bot
    7. Select Your Race
    8. Type your Name
    9. Click Launch.
  • Your game client will launch 2 windows.  1 of them will be yours and one of them will belong to the bot.
  • You won’t be able to pause the game
  • You will be able to hear the bot’s sound, click on its window and hit Control + S to disable its sound To disable music hit Control + M
  • Click on your window and hit ALT + Enter to make it fullscreen

Finding You Replays

StarCraft 2 keeps a record of Replays played in the folder called “Multiplayer” your replays will be located there!

To get there navigate to your StarCraft 2 replay folder located in your Windows Documents, by default will look like this:  C:\Users\<Windows Profile Name>\Documents\StarCraft II\Replays\Multiplayer


If you use custom hotkeys, you’ll need to move your hotkey file


    • Hotkeys : To get your hotkeys to work you need to copy your hotkeys file(<myhotkeyname>.SC2Hotkeys)  from: “ Documents/StarCraft II/Accounts/######/Hotkeys ” to: “ Documents/StarCraft II/Hotkeys ”
    • If the folder isn’t there: create it.
    • Alternatively you can load up Dummy_bot set your hotkeys and settings and it will save upon close

2024 Season 1 Replay Submission

Send us Your Games!

Replay Submission Ends 2024/05/16  4:00 GMT

Additional Info


if Tyr doesn’t work download the Windows x86 .Net 6.0 and install it



If sharkbot doesn’t work download the Windows x86 .Net 7.0 visit microsoft site for any other versions

Sidenote: Sharkbot was initially created as a chatbot for the internet turned into an sc2 bot, so he will be chatty and is ML to respond to the user. He uses chat as part of his arsenal to win so avoid it if you don’t want a chatty bot.

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